About Us


"Negativity..... It only affects you when you're on the same frequency. Vibrate Higher!!!!!!" We created the company, Everyday People 24/7, with the idea that we are all considered everyday people at every hour of every day. We apply this concept to everything that we do and create. People are capable of greatness and our aim is to inspire greatness from within. Our goal is to offer a quality product that you can feel good about and never forget that "I Am Everyday People.”


One of our greatest joys is enjoying the life that we created, our beautiful son Kobe. We spend our days like every other parent, enjoying the journey of life through the path we envision for him, but still allowing him to find his way. We know that kids are influenced by any and everything, so it was important to us that everyone could connect and see what we do as an influential not only to Kobe, but all children. We are about promoting positive, healthy images of all persons and developing free-thinking and compassionate children who will develop into well-rounded adults. That’s why how we do what we do and say what we say are so important. Words are powerful, and images shape perception so being a positive force behind what we put out into the world is our mission.